Remove Wind Noise in Videos: Quick Audio Fix

Wind noise in videos sounds terrible. Here’s how to reduce and remove wind noise in videos!

The only way to remove it completely is to prevent it in the first place, but that’s another video…
This video is about REDUCING wind noise in videos you’ve already filmed… To PREVENT wind noise altogether, check out our 5 Tips for Shooting in Windy Conditions:

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– PREVENT Wind Noise in Videos: 5 Simple Tips for Shooting in Windy Conditions! :


– Removing Wind Noise in Videos: Quick Audio Fix –

This story may sound familiar.. On a recent trip to Australia a good friend of mine, Stig Severinsen ( was on a boat just off the coast filming some new instructional videos. Side note: If you haven’t heard of him, you should definitely check him out – this guy is INSANE! World record freediver, 22 minute breath-holds… just unbelievable – and a great guy to boot. Anyway, the shots were great but when his team got the footage back it was completely riddled with wind noise and he was almost inaudible. They thought it was unusable… Frustrating!

So, he sent the footage through to see if I could help and we managed to salvage everything using a few quick filters. I pulled together this weeks video while fixing his footage to show you exactly how to do the same – all within your Video Editing software!

Now, as I mentioned above, the ONLY way to remove wind noise completely and get best results is to prevent it it in the first place. BUT, if it’s already too late – this will help you salvage what you have 🙂

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