5 Affiliate Marketing MISTAKES Beginners Make (that lose $$$!)

Here are 5 BIG affiliate marketing mistakes many beginners make that often lose a lot of revenue & time! Learn how to make money with Affiliate marketing as a beginner the SMART way in this quick-start affiliate marketing tutorial.

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00:00 5 Affiliate Marketing MISTAKES Beginners Make
00:55 Mistake #1: Not thinking long term (recommending bad products)
02:03 Mistake #2: Not using redirect links
04:10 Mistake #3: Not reading the terms & conditions
05:03 Mistake #4: Not diversifying affiliate links
06:17 Mistake #5: Not reviewing affiliate links
07:42 How to maximize your affiliate link earnings

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— 5 Affiliate Marketing MISTAKES Beginners Make (that lose $$$!) —

If you’re wondering how to start affiliate marketing, the good news is it really isn’t difficult to get set up! There’s a ton of great affiliate marketing tutorials for beginners available completely free on YouTube showing you exactly how to find and join different affiliate programs, like Clickbank, Impact Radius, Commission Junction & Amazon affiliates.

But getting setup, and actually generating sustainable passive income from Affiliate marketing are two VERY different things… What many of these tutorials DON’T mention are the big pitfalls that can cost you a ton of time AND revenue if you don’t get your strategy & systems right from the beginning.

In this video, we’ll cover the top 5 affiliate marketing mistakes new affiliate marketers make – and how you can easily avoid them.

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